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Greenbuild Consult is a Complete Sustainable Construction Consultancy with a clear focus on assisting architects, developers, construction professionals, public authorities, contractors and other clients to achieve Part L Building Regulations compliance and to identify the many potential benefits of considering sustainable building within any commercial or residential construction project.

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Comprehensive, accurate & affordable BREEAM solutions. We are fully licensed in all public & private sector BREEAM schemes.

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We are fully licensed in all public & private sector BREEAM schemes. Learn more »

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Sustainability consultants are enlisted as advisors for their expertise in helping clients to incorporate environmental responsibilities into how they undertake their projects and how they conduct their business operations. They can go by the names of Sustainable Consultant, Sustainable Assessor, Green Consultant, Energy Consultant, Energy Assessor or Environmental Management Consultants.

In particular to GreenBuild Consult, our Sustainable Consultants aid clients to identify the many potential benefits of considering sustainability within a construction project, such as; reduced operational cost (whole life costs of an asset), improved resource use, waste minimisation, energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and many other innovative practices which aim to minimise the impact on our environment.
Sustainable Consultants assist clients to progress with developing and implementing an environmental plan when the client doesn':t have the in-house resources to undertake this.

Sustainable Consultants can offer benefits to the client through:
Developing overall sustainability plans
Conducting assessments for Environmental Impacts
Provide guidance and options for implementing sustainability plans.
Provide project management support - short or long term.
Assist in projects throughout the project life to achieve maximum sustainability.

Assessments provide key information in developing sustainability plans. They are undertaken to ensure social, environmental and economic factors are considered and balanced to get the most sustainable development possible.

Data is gathered around the relevant areas and used to measure the sustainability of project through an index or scoring system. One assessments have been completed a report is compiled including the findings and areas for suggested improvements.

At GreenBuild Consult our Consultants expertise in in the Construction Industry. Through our work we support the deliverance of buildings and structures that minimise energy consumption and reduce their negative impact on the natural environment.

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